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About us

Our companies innovative technologies and products effectiveness has been highly recognized by our customers for our excellent services and quality goods. By own and no one developed technologies today we are leading producer of liquid organic fertilizer in the world. We offer organic Nitrate Nitrogen forms as Potassium Nitrate or Calcium Nitrate, Potassium carbonate or nutrients complex mineral based.   Our products are ionic composition solutions and have same composition and grow effect as standard mineral fertilizer. Our organic liquid NPK fertilizer are listed by world Organic standards services and let easy to introduce to organic farming, to replace standard fertilizer by ecological fertilizer without additional testing, explanation and get fast effect. For grower is not discomfort to use it and let to adapt organic fertilizer for any system.  Choose our products and let us be your finest partner! In the fertilizer and organic industry, we offer our customers with the best quality and affordable products they need. 

Our fertilizer are using in Baltic states, Poland, Netherlands, USA, Canada